The Lighthouse
Type Home
Location Hyllis (South Southeast)
Connected to Hangar, Pey'j Workshop
Residents Jade, Pey'j, Fehn, Oumi, Pablo, Zaza, Kip, Yoa, Woof
Species Available For Inventory Adalia octopunctata, Canis canis, Capra sapiens, Homo sapiens, Lampyris campestris, Larus albus, Lutra erecta, Musca saprophagia, Priodontes campestris, Sus sapiens, Vorax nocturnus

The Lighthouse is home to the main character, Jade, her uncle, Pey'j. Over the years, they have taken in orphans who have most likely lost their parents to the DomZ activity on Hillys. Their adopted family currently consists of 2 young Capra sapiens, Fehn and Oumi, 4 human children, Pablo, Zaza, Kip and Yoa, and one humongous, fluffy white dog, Woof.

Located in the South of Hyllis, the lighthouse sits on a big, lonely island. It is equipped with its own forcefield that protects against Vorax and DomZ attacks.

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