There are a total of 56 animal species on, and off, of Hillys.

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Binomial Nomenclature English Name Location
Aedis raymanis Mosquito, Moth Nutripils Factory
Alicia splendens Anemone, Flowering Black Isle
Amoeba polypodia Amoeba, Many Limbed Black Isle
Amoeba saltans Amoeba, Single-Celled Slaughterhouse
Anemonia mutabilis Anemone, Mutable (Changeable) Black Isle
Adalia octopunctata Insect, Ladybug/Eight-legged beetle Lighthouse
Anguilia bifida Sea Eel Slaughterhouse
Aquilus sapiens Bird Man Pedestrian District
Arachis viridis Spider, Green Nutripils Factory
Astacus erectus Crayfish, Upright Black Isle
Aurelia magnificens Blob (Jelly), Large Volcano's Treasure
Blabera gregaria Cockroach, Swarm Nutripils Factory
Bufo erectus Frog (Toad), Upright Vorax's Lair
Canis canis Dog Lighthouse
Capra sapiens Goat Man Lighthouse, Akuda Bar
Carcharodon sapiens Shark Man Akuda Bar
Crochax velox Crochax (Moth) Black Isle
Cyanea urtica Jelly Fish, Flowering Black Isle
Cyclopeus palustris Reaper (Cyclops of the Marsh) Nutripils Factory
Dipneustes trilineatus Fish, 3-striped Lighthouse Hangar
Felis sapiens Cat Man IRIS Den
Helix rupestris Snail (Twisted Vine) Black Isle
Homo sapiens Human Lighthouse, Pedestrian District
Ignus ignifera Fire Creature Slaughterhouse
Koi kumonryu Carp (Koi Fish) (lit. "nine tattooed dragons") Ming-Tzu's Shop
Lampyris campestris Firefly, Field (Glow Beetle) Lighthouse
Larus albus Seagull, White Flying above Lighthouse
Lutra erecta Otter, Upright Lighthouse
Lycoperdon fugiferus Mushrooms, Overgrown Black Isle
Macropodia omnivora Slugs Nutripils Factory
Manta cyanea Manta Ray, Blue Flying above Nutripils Factory
Manta magnificens Manta Ray, Large Flying above Ocean
Megaptera anaerobia Whale, that which does not require oxygen Outer Space
Megaptera borealis Whale, Northern Ocean
Megaptera purpurea Whale, Purple Ocean (Outer Territory)
Musca saprophagia Insect, that which feeds on decaying matter Lighthouse, Black Isle
Nautilus fluoreus Snail/Shelled-Octopus (Cephalopod), Floating Black Isle
Papilio Pilosus Caterpillar Black Isle
Pelagia pachydermis Jellyfish, Thick-skinned Black Isle
Planaria rupestris Flatworm, (Twisted Vine) Black Isle
Priodontes campestris Armadillo, Giant Field Lighthouse
Pterolimax gigantea Giant Winged Slug Black Isle
Rascax caeruleus Scorpionfish, Cerulean Ocean
Rattus giganteus Giant Rat Nutripils Factory
Rhinoceros sapiens Rhinoceros Man Mammago
Sarcophagus domzii DomZ Sarcophagus Nutripils Factory
Spongus gluanteus Mollusc, Spongy Black Isle
Sus sapiens Pig Man Pey'j
Taurus sapiens Cow or Bovine Man Akuda Bar
Teratosaurus imperator Flying Sea Serpent (Archosaur Superior) Ocean
Timorea saponifier Amoeba, Bubbling (Soap-making moth) Slaughterhouse
Trilobites saltans Tailed Arthropod, Single-celled Slaughterhouse
Vorax nocturnus Vorax, Nocturnal Lighthouse, Nutripils Factory
Walrus sapiens Walrus Man Ming-Tzu's Shop
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