Canis canis
Photo Value 100 Units
Genders Male
Class Domestic
Location The Lighthouse
Characters Woof

The Canis canis is a domestic dog found on Hillys.

Although a predominant pet in most cultures, this species is very rare among the creatures of Hillys. There is only 1 Canis canis throughout the entire game, a male named Woof, that is kept as a pet at The Lighthouse with Jade.

Woof has a cartoon-like appearance (being over-sized by regular standards) with a perfectly round body, human-shaped teeth, elephant-shaped paws, a constantly lolling tongue and enough fluffy white fur that his eyes are never seen.

As many animals have evolved to the point of having human characteristics, it is interesting to note that the Canis canis is only 1 of 2 domesticated animals, or pets, seen in the entire game (the other being Ming-Tzu's Koi Kumonryu).

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